Product description

Standard products

It has developed a practice, "industry standard", with floor tiles in widths of 200 and 300 mm in random lengths. The length varies between 1.5 and 3 times the width. These tile formats means that the stones are used well, making them cost-effective. The thickness usually used for flooring is about 20 mm. For thin flooring: 12mm or 15mm in limestone and 10 mm in Kolmården Ox.


Planed light-grey Borghamn-limestone

Special products

Our production facility in Borghamn is flexible so it is possible to obtain products in any format with only the raw material constraints. A layer of rough blocks and slabs is well prepared to manufacture with reasonable delivery time. Whether the case of floor tiles in odd sizes, steps with profiled nose, worktops with recess or other feature designed product, we are your natural partner. Send a sketch as a basis for further discussion. Through an early contact at the design phase, we can contribute to the rational production and thus a reasonable cost.


Polished brown-grey Borghamn-limestone with lågerhuggen edge

Masonry work

Our skilled stonemason is a resource that you too can benefit from. Supplementation of sculpted detail in connection with the restoration of old buildings is one of our specialties. Even in modern architecture, a skillfully performed masonry work adorn the place. As a basis we work on old stone details, models, drawings - just give us your ideas.


Normal Ground Borghamn light gray limestone with a frieze of planed gray Borghamn Limestone

Vår anläggning

En film som visar stegen i vår produktion, från råmaterial till färdig produkt.


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