Borghamn-limestone are of high quality and has been used in many historic buildings in the country. The wear resistance has been put to the test in schools and regiments, while the subtly elegant appearance can be seen in churches and cathedrals. In modern construction, arguments like long life, low maintenance cost and recyclable natural materials weighs heavily. With our modern production facility, we adapt the stone by the architect and the client's wishes.

Borghamnskalksten, ljusgrå

Borghamn-limestone, light grey

Borghamn-limestone is unique. It is closer to 485 million years old, which is twice as old as any other limestone. This makes it a tighter and harder than stone than both limestone and marble from around the world. Swedish limestone is therefore highly suitable as a building material with high strength requirements, such as staircases and floors. Borghamn-limestone is a natural choice of material for floors, stairs, wall facings, window sills or restoration items.

Borghamnskalksten, gråbrun

Borghamn-limestone, grey-brown

More finishes

Borghamnskalksten, ljusgrå hyvlad

Borghamn-limestone, light grey planed

Borghamnskalksten, ljusgrå lågerhuggen

Borghamn-limestone, light grey "lågerhuggen"

Borghamnskalksten, gråbrun hyvlad

Borghamn-limestone, grey-brown planed

Borghamnskalksten, gråbrun tandhuggen

Borghamn-limestone, grey-brown tooth cut

Technical features

Feature Standard Unit Value
Compressive strength EN 1926 MPa 187
Flexural strength EN 12372 MPa 20,4
Abrasion resistance DIN 52 1081 cm3/50cm2 20,7
Abrasion resistance EN 141572 mm3 20668
Water absorption EN 13755 vikt % 0,6
Density EN 1936 kg/m3 2650
Wear resistance EN 13364 N 2500
Slip resistance, polished surface EN 14231 SRV, torr 49
Slip resistance, polished surface EN 14231 SRV våt 12
Impact resistance EN 14158 J 2,0
Petrographic composition EN 124073    
Kalcit matrix   % 71
Kalcit, crystalline   % 29

Tested by SP, Swedens Testing- and Research institute

1 Thickness based
2 Weight based
3 Only mineral composition, major minerals and possible. shells and skeletons so-called fossils

Vår anläggning

En film som visar stegen i vår produktion, från råmaterial till färdig produkt.



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