Kolmård-marble with its unique, green color and beautiful graining, makes it together with the superior wear strength, a attractive material. This beautiful stone is mined in Kolmarden, Östergötland, and is known both for its beauty and its quality over almost the entire world. Architects and builders have for centuries used this quality marble for both art and ornaments to the construction industry. Finishes may vary from the polished to the ground, blasted and carved.

Kolmårdsmarmor Ox

Kolmård-marble OX

For outdoor use it is recommended a rougher surface finish. Kolmård-marble has been used in large and important buildings, even far beyond Sweden's borders, and has been mined since the late 1600s. Mining ceased completely in the early 1970s, and it would take 20 years before Borghamns Stenförädling AB took up mining again. A new era in Kolmård-marble history has now begun. The green-veined marble is used in an increasing number of new projects.

Kolmårdsmarmor Oxl

Kolmård-marble OXL

Technical features

Feature Standard Unit Value
Compressive strength EN 1926 MPa 168
Flexural strength EN 12372 MPa 17,9
Abrasion resistance DIN 52 1081 cm3/50cm2 21,4
Abrasion resistance EN 141572 mm3 21408
Water absorption EN 13755 vikt % 0,1
Density EN 1936 kg/m3 2720
Wear resistance EN 13364 N 3000
Slip resistance, polished surface EN 14231 SRV, torr 45
Slip resistance, polished surface EN 14231 SRV våt 11
Impact resistance EN 14158 J 2,0
Petrographic composition EN 124073    
Kalcit   % 44
Dolomit   % 36
Serpentin   % 19
Amfibol   % 2

Tested by SP, Swedens Testing- and Research institute

1 Thickness based
2 Weight based
3 Only mineral composition, major minerals and possible. shells and skeletons so-called fossils

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En film som visar stegen i vår produktion, från råmaterial till färdig produkt.



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