We restore Sweden's beautiful buildings

In Sweden we have many beautiful buildings of yesteryear. Take for example all the churches, such as Linköping Cathedral with all its beautiful decorations such as window details and the floors. When old hand drilled to mine limestone, you did not have the opportunity to mine the stone that would be most suitable for outdoor features, core stone. You had to take the stone at hand, if it proved to have a cleavage in it, the piece had to used anyway.

Weather, wind and air pollution is the reason that restoration of these buildings are needed today. If they had instead been using core stone, wich is used today, the sustainability would have been much longer.


We restore Sweden's beautiful buildings

One of few

Borghamns Stenförädling AB is one of the few companies in Sweden dedicated to the restoration of buildings and ornaments. We and our skilled stonemasons done projects such as restoration of the limestone features of the Nordic Museum in Stockholm, Linköping Cathedral windows and arches of Alvastra Kloster.

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En film som visar stegen i vår produktion, från råmaterial till färdig produkt.


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